Residential interior

Residential Interior

Project Evaluation

Upon arrival on site we will do a general review of the project looking at the scope of the work,confirming colour selections, accent wall locations, reviewing site concerns and confirm that a client has prepared the areas as required.


Once the review is complete the job plan is implemented, this consists of the schedule for room to room completion and timelines for completion.


Rooms will then get prepared for painting. This consists of moving and covering of furniture, taping as needed, protecting floors with drop sheets, cleaning as needed, wall repair, sanding as required, caulking, priming, stain sealing and any other necessary preparation.


With preparation completed the painting process begins. Ceilings are done first followed by the trim and then finally the walls.


We inspect as we work and once the area is finished. Once an area is finished theclean up of the room is commenced. Clean up consists of removal of plastic, tape, drop sheets, painting equipment and ladders and a sweep or vacuum. 

Final Inspection

With the room cleaned up one more final inspection is conducted at the end of the job.


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Our attention to detail will leave you with the fabulous transformation that you expected. We always use the best paints and products for your project providing you with you with a great looking job for many years to come.We consistently deliver what our clients expect by using the right tools, paints, and equipment for the job. Fast, efficient quality painting that meets their expectations every time is why we so may of our customers are clients for life.