Residential Exterior

Residential Exterior


Painting is Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your home will retain and increase the value of your property. Most homes require painting every six to ten years. Getting the Job Done Right! We have been specializing in exterior painting projects for over a years and have the skill, dedication, and experience to get the job done right the first time. Let us Start the Process! Let us help with the process of getting the exterior of your home looking great. We will advise you on what paints and finishes are best for the surfaces and your environment, and will provide you with a detailed quote for the project.

Our N7 Exterior Painting Process:

Project Evaluation

Upon the arrival of the painting crew, we will do a general review of the project looking at the scope of the work, confirming colour choices, reviewing any site concerns, and setting up a workshop for the project.


The first step for the crew is to prepare the surfaces for painting. This will consist of scraping, sanding, caulking, minor repairs and priming as per the details in the job proposal. In general, once all the preparation is completed, the painting process begins. In some cases, specific sections may be prepared and painted, with the crew moving from section to section.

Exterior Painting

Painting of the areas will start once the preparation is completed. Working from top to bottom, the areas required will have a fresh coat of paint applied. Second coats will be applied as required in the proposal with recoat times for most products being between three to four hours. Each section is then inspected as the areas are completed.

General Inspection & Cleanup

After the project is completed, another general inspection of all the areas painted will be done. Final cleanup is done with drop sheets, painting equipment and ladders removed from the site

Paint Storage

We will leave paint behind for any future touch-ups you would like to do and it is important to store these products in a warm dry place.

Protect Your Investment

Your home can be your biggest investment and more importantly, can be a source of great pride. A well-maintained home is not only more valuable but provides great comfort and enjoyment. Having a well maintained and great looking exterior is one of the joys of home ownership. We understand the importance of your home and always strive to make it look the absolute best that it can!

Attention to Detail

Our attention to detail provides the quality that you deserve. We only use the best primers paints, products, and equipment for exterior painting projects. We take pride in providing a great looking paint job that lasts for many years to come. We provide fast, efficient quality exterior painting that meets our client’s expectations every time. This is why so many of our customers are clients for life.